My top 3 mobility / recovery tools

One of the best things I got out of my time in CrossFit was figuring out what did and didn’t work for my recovery.  There are a number of implements out there designed to help you, but based on the most common issues in lifting, here are my top 3 mobility / recovery tools.


  1. The VooDoo X Floss Band

Tendon pain?  This thing’s got you covered.  If you’ve got tennis elbow, shoulder inflammation issues, patellar tendinitis, or you just like to choke yourself sometimes at night (no judgments) then you need to pick one of these bad boys up.  Well, they come in packs of two.  Leave one at home and put one in your gym bag, or share with a friend.  There are a number of YouTube videos showing you how to use these things.  The best way for upper body stuff like the elbows requires someone else to help you, so don’t be a loner.


2. A lacrosse ball

At about $3 a pop, you can’t afford to not own one.  Use it like a direct-pressure self massage device.  No, not the plug-in kind you found in your mom’s drawer.  My favorite way to work shit out with this bad boy is rolling around on my glutes, more specifically a nasty fucker known as the piriformis that likes to cause back pain when angry.


3. An accupressure mat

This is a less commonly known item, but thanks to the wonder of modern technology, you can score one of these on Amazon.  It’s kind of like laying on a bed of Legos.  The first minute is pretty painful (make sure you do it shirtless) but then your back feels like you just got out of the jacuzzi.  Nice and loose.  A great idea for before AND after training anything that’s going to use your back like squats and deadlifts.  Lay on it for 3-10 minutes and you should be good to go.


So, there you have it.  If I had to choose three mobility and recovery tools to have, these would be it.  Foam rollers are cool, but didn’t make the list because I haven’t had as much personal success with them.  I still use one, but not frequently.