How To Un-stick Your Deadlift

Deads stuck in a rut?  Use these training tools to gain momentum again and start increasing your deadlift!


1. Rack Pulls

Often times, getting the bar from the knee to the lockout position can be the hardest part of the lift for certain athletes.  In this case, rack pulls are your answer.  With rack pulls, you can lift MORE than your 1-rep max deadlift for MULTIPLE reps, training just the knee to lockout portion of the deadlift.  The upside is you can also train your grip this way, to get your body used to holding super-maximal weights.  That way, your grip is never your problem when lifting!


2. Deficit Deadlifts

The deficit deadlift is the best for improving your initial pull off of the floor.  If you’re the kind of lifter who has most of their issues off the floor and below the knee, then deficits are for you.  You can do deficits anywhere from 1″ to as much as you want, but typically somewhere between 2-4″ is average.


3. Pause Deadlifts

Paused deadlifts are a brutal exercise, but if you can handle them, are really great for getting your lats strong and increasing time under tension for your hamstrings and lower back as well.  Throw these in starting light (55% of 1rm) and increase up to 70% over the course of 4-5 sets.


All of these are great ways to get your deadlift out of whatever rut you’re in with it.  For more personalized coaching, check out our official training program or get on a private coaching plan!