About Us

What Is Power Building?

Power Building is the practice of combining powerlifting-style strength training with bodybuilding workouts to create a physique that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.  Traditionally considered opposite styles and at odds with each other, blending the two approaches in to a hybrid training program proves that they actually compliment each other.  The strength one achieves through powerlifting allows you to push harder in your bodybuilding training, and the muscular size that you build through aesthetics-based training causes you to become a more efficient and well-rounded strength athlete.  It truly is the best of both worlds.

What Is Elite PowerBuilding?

Through years of experience, education and a trial-and-error approach, we have developed an optimal system to combine powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts to gain maximal benefit from both.  Our coaches are constantly learning and evolving and truly believe in our style of training.

Why Is It Better?

Anybody involved in sports or who wants to achieve strength and an aesthetically pleasing physique can benefit from our unique program.  From the fitness athlete to the casual gym-goer, anyone can benefit from our training style.  Strength and muscle will always benefit people in any sport, and let’s face it, you want to actually look like you work out, right?

About Our Coaches



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Height: 5’10 

Start: 130 lbs

Now: 210 lbs

High score: 230 lbs 

Squat- 600 

Deadlift- 635 

Bench press- 385

Shoulder press- 210

Snatch- 280 

Power clean- 350 

Overhead Squat- 355 


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Height: 6’5″

Start: 160 lbs

Now: 265 lbs

High score: 265 lbs 

Squat- 555

Deadlift- 600 

Bench press- 385

Shoulder press- 240

Snatch- 270

Power clean- 335

Overhead Squat- 335