Official Training Program

The Elite PowerBuilding Program is a 6 day per week plan that combines traditional powerlifting movements along with constantly varied bodybuilding exercises designed to build a physique that is both aesthetically pleasing and capable of moving serious weight.

Weekly updated progressive training plan

Each week, we update the training program with new exercises, rep and tempo schemes that builds upon the previous week of training.  Literally watch yourself get stronger every week!

Demo videos of the exercises and technique tips / modifications

What good is a training plan if you aren’t doing the movements correctly?  We provide videos of the exercises in the workouts so you can easily watch them in the gym.

Become a member of our online Facebook community where you can discuss your training and ask questions any time!

Nothing helps you progress better than having a group of friends doing the same workouts.



Elite PowerBuilding from Elitepowerbuilding on Vimeo.


How It Works

How it works:

  • When you sign up, you’ll be able to log in on our website and view the week’s training along with the technique videos.

Click here to see a sample of a training week

  • Every workout is explained in full detail, including how to pick weights, form tips to maximize your performance, and movement modifications for injuries or equipment limitations.

Your membership includes:

1. Our 6 day per week workout plan.

Every Sunday night, we post the week of training and upload three full unique training videos for the week with exercise modifications, form tips, and other guidance specific to each workout. Every week, there is a lower body focused workout, an upper body focused workout, and a one of our choosing (upper or lower focus).

That’s a total of 12 unique and different training videos every month.


2. Ask us questions any time.

You will have access to the coaches 24/7 via e-mail and the private Facebook group for questions regarding anything including training, nutrition, and any other fitness-related factors.

3.  Community.

Gain access to our members only Facebook page, where you can discuss the training with other members, receive tips and ask questions at any time.  Compare notes, share your successes and failures, and grow with the other Elite PowerBuilding members.